At the End of the Long Walk

At The End of The Long Walk
At The End of The Long Walk
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I visited the memorial in the winter of 2008. The landscape surrounding the Bosque Redondo has been scarred with violence, heartache, and suffering. However, along the river bank, dried sunflowers stood tall at the edge of the water commemorative of the courage and endurance that has also left its footprint upon the ground along the banks of the Pecos at Fort Sumner.

Some Walk for Pleasure
Some Walk for Adventure
Others Walk Because They Must
And Still Others Walk Because They Have No Choice.

And At the End,
Some Find What They Searched For
Some Find What They Did Not Expect
A Few Find Joy
And Some Find Heartbreak.

And Still Others Find Nothing At All
No Contentment
No Solitude
No Rest.
No Sadness.
Just An Emptiness
At the End of The Long Walk.